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Gerry Owens began writing Lluther’s debut album in 2003. With the demise of Skindive, Owens targeted a much more aggressive and unorthodox sound. Having worked with such names as Danny Saber (Blade Soundtrack, Bowie, U2, Black Grape), Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Skinny Puppy), Adrian Sherwood (Ministry, Sinead O’Connor), Nick Ingman (Madonna, Shakespeare In Love Soundtrack) and Scott Humphries (Rob Zombie), Owens has been able to develop and expand his creative and technical abilities extensively.

The result was ‘Agents of Empire‘, which fuses the darkest and heaviest elements of rock with unsettling vocals and a sharp edge. The album was produced by Gerry Owens & mixed by Mark Carolan (Muse, The Cure, JJ72). Once complete, Lluther began to play the live circuit in Ireland before licensing the album to Daniel Heerdmans ‘Teifdruck Musik’ label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From that point on, Lluther toured in Europe extensively, playing multiple venues and festivals in Germany and Austria, as well as Switzerland, Italy, Hungry, Slovakia and Romania.

Lluther’s live line-up for the ‘Agents’ album included such outstanding musicians as DeK Hynes (Guitar), David ‘Chief’ Blanc (Bass), Anthony Kiernan (Samples/Guitar), Ger Farrell (Drums), Sarah Fox (Bass), Gavin Fox (Bass), Jay Doyle (Drums) and Marcel Zucher (Guitar).


Lluther’s second album, the ‘Rise Of The Reptile King’ was written as a concept album. Based on a fictitious circus character called ‘The Reptile King’, the 15 song album was written and produced by Owens. Recorded at Owens’ The Cell Studios, the album was mixed by Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at the Production Suite, Dublin and Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, Ireland. Lluther set about focusing on the US market with ‘Rise Of The Reptile King’ and toured there extensively. For the Rise Of The Reptile King album and tour, Lluther’s live line-up solidified into Hytham Martin (Guitar), Leon Guilfoyle (Bass), Damien Murphy (Drums), with Owens on Vocals and Guitar.


“The first LP of Lluther is a real smasher! A wall of sound with mighty electro effects in addition to amazing guitar and bass playing.”

“New industrial highlight of the month. The Irish group Lluther who are on target to become the next Industrial-Rock superstars create an explosive Debut-LP. Mostly brilliant with simple guitar riffs building the prelude to those fantastic songs. Real Genre defining jewels.”Sonic Seducer

“An awesome debut, which convinces immediately after the first listen”Hard Rock Magazine

“An orgiastic dose of industrial anger”Subway Magazine

“You have to listen to this LP to recognize, feel and be touched by the real genius. I urge you to listen to Lluther. It’s a real smasher, a revelation”.Sonic Seducer Magazine

“An insider tip – they are going to go far”Moshock Magazine

“This is a balance between furious guitar eruptions, machine-like drumbeats and heartfelt vocals that go from a whisper to a scream. Lluther gives the genre a new twist”Gothtronic Magazine

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'Rise of the Reptile King' Album

Lluther – ‘Rise of the Reptile King’ Album Re-Issue

Lluther – ‘Femme Fatale’ Single Re-issue

Lluther – ‘Until She Comes’ Single Re-issue

Lluther - The End Of The World Single Artwork

Lluther – ‘The End of the World’ Single Re-issue

Lluther - Enough Single Artwork

Lluther – ‘Enough’ Single Re-issue

Lluther - Turning To Dust Single Artwork

Lluther – ‘Turning To Dust’ Single Re-issue

Lluther - In The Dollhouse Single Artwork

Lluther – ‘In the Dollhouse’ Single Re-issue

G Owens – New York, New York Single

Agents Of Empire Album Artwork

Lluther – ‘Agents Of Empire’ Album Re-Issue

Lluther - People Is Ugly Single Artwork

Lluther – ‘People Is Ugly’ Single Re-Issue


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