'Rise of the Reptile King' Album Re-Issue

Lluthers ‘Rise of the Reptile King’ album is set for a digital re-issued on June 21st 2019. It’ll be on all major online stores and streaming platforms.

'Rise of the Reptile King'

  1. Turning To Dust Lluther 3:42
  2. In The Dollhouse Lluther 3:50
  3. Femme Fatale Lluther 4:33
  4. Until She Comes Lluther 3:56
  5. Heroes (When The Night Slides In) Lluther 2:39
  6. Enough Lluther 4:06
  7. The End Of The World Lluther 4:19
  8. Bullet Lluther 3:30
  9. Exit Wound Lluther 3:14
  10. King Of Nothing Lluther 3:27
  11. Rise Of The Reptile King Lluther 4:29
  12. Misplaced Lluther 3:01
  13. From The Sea Lluther 3:15
  14. She Is Lluther 4:15
  15. Digging Up The Box Lluther 3:00
'Rise of the Reptile King' Album


Written, Recorded and Produced by Gerry Owens
Recorded at ‘The Cell Studios’, Ireland

With Sandman (Guitar), Leon, (Bass), and Damien Murphy (Drums)

Mixed by Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite, Dublin, Ireland.
Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, Limerick, Ireland

Copyright: Black Bag Music 2019
Publishing: EMI/SonyATV Music Publishing


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