'Agents Of Empire' Album - Re-Issue

Lluthers ‘Agents Of Empire’ album is set for a digital re-issued on April 26th 2019. Producer by Gerry Owens and Mixed by Marc Carolan (Muse, The Cure, Snow Patrol), Agents Of Empire will be on all major online stores and streaming platforms.

'Agents Of Empire'

  1. People Is Ugly Lluther 3:51
  2. Venus Complex Lluther 3:24
  3. American Gods Lluther 2:44
  4. Agents Of Empire Lluther 4:25
  5. For You Lluther 3:00
  6. In Decline Lluther 3:50
  7. Fixer Lluther 2:50
  8. Father Of Lies Lluther 3:38
  9. Bone (with The Judas Hole) Lluther 4:07
  10. Stasis Lluther 4:44
  11. Show You Mean It Lluther 3:21
  12. Disconnect From Me Lluther 4:00
Agents Of Empire Album Artwork


Written and Produced by Gerry Owens
Recorded at ‘The Cell Studios’, Ireland
Mixed by Mark Carolan at ’Suite’, Dublin Ireland
Mastered by Fergal Davis at ’Suite’, Dublin Ireland

Publishing: Sony ATV Music Publishing 2019
Copyright: Black Bag Music 2019
Originally licensed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by ‘Tiefdruck-Musik’ (TDM), Germany.

Additional vocals (tracks 3, 6, 10 & 11) by DeK Hynes
Live drums played by Ger Farrell
Live drum editing by David ‘Chief’ Blanc

Special Thanks to:
Dek Hynes, David Blanc, Ger Farrell and Anthony Kiernan

Thanks also to:
Dave Best, Mark Cahill, Mark Carolin, Fergal Davis, The Evil Arthouse Team, Mark Galvin, Daniel Heerdmann and all the TDM crew, Axel Jusseit, Damien Keirnan, Natalie Kinsella, Gearoid McIntyre, Dara McNamara, Andy Murray, Emmet O’Connell, Snoopy, Simon O’Connor, Aoife O’Leary, Angela and Anthony Owens, Void Studio’s Kevin Whyte, Denise Williams

Music Maker Dublin, Roland, Pearl Drums, Sabian, Vic Firth, Humes & Berg
Lluther’s live crew: Canice Mills, Austin ‘Ozzy’ Holmes, Mike Bartlett and Matty Kilmurray


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