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The Remnants EPK




Release Date: October 15th 2020
Record Label: Black Bag Music

‘The Remnants – A Soundtrack to Second Hand Memories’ was inspired by conversations throughout a two-month stay in the home of American Poet and writer Robert Waters Grey. The album is a response to Robert’s detailed, and often harrowing, accounts of his family history and ancestry.

The album combines acoustic instrumentation and electronically manipulated recordings, incorporating antique, broken instruments found and recorded in Robert’s home.

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Robert W Grey on ‘Essex Drive’;

An intensified sort of viscerality. Just when I thought or hoped there was nothing more  to surface and demand its own time for introspection, along come  the haunted Irish stirring up the restless spirits.”

Album Preview

  1. Remnant Gerry Owens 3:08
  2. The Bone Garden Gerry Owens 4:17
  3. Poor Mad Cousin George Gerry Owens 5:06
  4. Essex Drive Gerry Owens 4:26
  5. The Briers Gerry Owens 4:53
  6. November Gerry Owens 2:52
  7. Saving The Dead Gerry Owens 3:49
  8. The Barn Is On Fire Gerry Owens 2:21
  9. The Sloop Mary Gerry Owens 1:25
  10. Gladis Gerry Owens 2:11
  11. Sterilised Gerry Owens 4:47
  12. The Harrow Gerry Owens 3:20
  13. Skulls Gerry Owens 1:58
  14. Horse Head Gerry Owens 3:02
  15. Uncle Lum Gerry Owens 2:30


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